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I guess I'm back again 2004-12-20

Please pardon the extended hiatus - the excessive introspection finally got the better of me, and I needed a break from whining about the unfairness of life. Or, my life, in particular.

But ... in order to get you, dear reader, up to speed, here's a short, executive-style summary of what's happened in my life during these last three months:

- Have worked like a dog, monkey, or any other animal that you feel best represents the virtue of hard work.

- Have had several first dates with women who weren't who I thought they would be.

- Have had 2 dates with my sister's best friend, Lainy, who, on the very first night we were out together, took me bowling. I couldn't help but find that charming.

- Have realized that Lainy - who's 25, lives in another state, and is a single mom - is a mirror image of my x-girlfriend, and perhaps that road is better left un-travelled.

- Have finished the illustration for my next tattoo - the sleeve for my right arm. And am very happy with the result.

- Have worked tirelessly on my car, yet I do not feel any closer to completion than before. No new accidents to report, though, so I consider the glass half-full.

- Have spent Thanksgiving with my family in Wisconsin for the first time ever. And it was nice.

- Have developed a quasi-friendly rapport with her culminating in a long phone call after my birthday and several emails over the holidays.

- Have discovered a bunch of new music from the likes of Film School, Plus/Minus, Loquat, and Aroah

- Have re-discovered Death Cab for Cutie, Erlend Oye, and The Cardigans

- Have recognized that 30, perhaps, isn't that bad, and have definitely ruled out suicide for the time being.