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Miscommunication 2004-08-31

Well, the 3rd date with Ms. S came and went on this lowly Tuesday.

Once again, a couple of weeks had passed since we'd last gone out - once again, we'd both been busy (I with my dental recovery, her with work and family issues).

I don't know ... I just find it hard (no pun intended) to get all hot & bothered over seeing her - like I said earlier, it's not because of her, as she does seem to embody most of the female qualities I usually fall for.

But she's not her - and I suppose that not enough time has passed for me to stop comparing everyone I meet to my perpetually-placed-on-a-piedestal ex-girlfriend.

Which, come to think of it, means that I most likely shouldn't be dating at all; it's not fair to anyone involved.

But ... at least I'd been honest with Ms. S from the beginning - she knew what she was getting herself into. Not that it makes everything ok, but still ...

Anyway, in regards to the actual date, it went just fine. A couple of drinks at Japanese hipster-palace Ozumo, then onwards (and downwards) to Town Hall for dinner.

After having spent 30 minutes looking for parking around her apartment, we gave up and went back to my place instead - once again, I was very surprised to see that my roommates were nowhere to be found, but at least it gave us a chance to hang out in the main living room without having to go through any number of tiresome introductions.

Later that night, as we were lying in bed, she turned to me and said that she felt kinda weird asking this, but would it be ok if she called me sometime? As in called on the telephone?

And I realized that so far we'd only ever communicated through email.

Not a good sign.