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Pick o' the litter 2004-08-30

Excerpts from this & last weeks crop of odd Friendster mails:

Subject: Guess what?
Message: I am Cuban.

(This came from a girl who had 6 pictures of herself online - including two bikini shots, and one close-up of her very shapely tight-jeans-clad behind. Which was certainly enough to make me blush, flustered and completely unable to think of a charming & witty response.)

Subject: You Should Be My Friendster
Message: You should be my friendster because you are so hot I can't believe it ... and you know, I am also unbelievably sexy so if we were to actually hang out it would be, like, earth-shattering or something.

(And that one made me smile - this girl also got extra bonus points for having a scanned picture of Death (from the Sandman comic book) in her profile.)

Apart from the temporary boost to one's self-esteem one gets when receiving unprovoked emails like the ones depicted to the left, this previous weekend has certainly not been a walk in the park.

For once, though, it has had nothing to do with her, but rather that I had the sole remaining wisdom tooth o' mine pulled on Thursday. Ouch.

Even though my Errol Flynn-lookalike dentist, Doctor Valley, is definitely the finest & nicest specimen of his kind that I've encountered, it still doesn't change the fact that a procedure like that hurts like a motherfucker.

(And even more so once the general anesthetic wears off and you're left with nothing but Vicodin and Penicillin to keep the sore, swelling, bloody mess at bay.)

Memo to my life: stop sucking.