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Post-Christmas 2004-12-26

Initially my plan was to stay in Madison till the 30th, and then jet off to NYC for a "real" new years celebration.

(I've given up on new years in San Francisco - it's always a let-down, always dreary, and, hey, we're talking about what is supposed to be the biggest celebration of the year here.)

However, as is often the case, plans change. My sister who also lives out here sent me the sweetest email possible, saying that she had been looking forward to spending new years with me (for the first time ever), and that she'd really prefer it if I didn't go anywhere.

And how could you say no to that? So I decided to stay where I was - freezing cold, a serious lack of glamour & excitement, and the fact that I'm crashing in the basement of my mother's house be damned.

And I'm all tingly with anticipation.