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New Years 2004 2004-12-31

You haven't lived till you've spent new years eve in a Wisconsin blizzard. No, seriously.

Got masterfully drunk on a variety of local beer - most of which tasted like crap.

Encountered a slew of girls who were either bikers or had enormous fake breasts or were bikers with enormous fake breasts. And they had all posed for a bikini calendar either this year or the one before.

Was introduced to several of them seeing that everyone seemed to know my sister. Who was in the 2003 calendar.

Discovered that bikers are people too.

Danced, wore a hat, gave & received enough kisses to last me a lifetime.

Didn't think about the freezing cold outside.

Didn't think about her.

So ... all in all, I'd say that this new years eve was grabbed, thrown to the ground and beaten into submission.