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Garage 2004-07-28

Lately I've been burying myself in the garage below my apartment even more than usual.

I guess my reasoning has been that if I am away from a computer, away from a phone, I'm not tempted to contact her - which is something I'm trying desperately to avoid at the moment.

However, instead of scuttling around down there, working away on my car (as I've been doing for the last 9 months or so), humming happily to myself, I've noticed that the garage environment actually seems to foster even more thoughts about her than usual.

I will be working on something, but will suddenly realize that I'm actually composing emails to her in my head, trying to craft the perfect argument that'll win back her affections.

Last night I finally broke down, and took 4 days of garage-influenced thoughts and merged it all into one beast of a hand-written letter ...