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Birthday (not mine) 2004-08-14

A week and a half ago, a girl I'd conversed with a couple of times on Friendster (let's call her Ms. S), emailed me out of the blue and said that it was her birthday (29) the following day and that she would like for me to come.

(If I wasn't busy wallowing in my own misery, of course.)

And, truth to be told, I had almost decided to just wait till the following Monday, email her & say that I'd been out of town, that I had had other plans for that night, that I'd been sick or something similarly lame.

But as the day progressed I realized that, hey, perhaps it could be interesting & fun, even therapeutic to go out and meet up with someone (and the friends of someone) whom I'd never met, had only shared a few brief emails with, yet thought enough of me to invite me to the personal event that is a birthday celebration.

I mean ... how often does that happen?

So I did.

Ms. S turned out to be quite a lot better looking than I would have guessed from browsing her (already very cute) Friendster photos - tall-ish, blond, a smile that lit up the room, and a slightly-shy demeanor that I always find endearing.

Her friends were a weird mix of rambunctious europeans and home-grown San Franciscans, and as the night progressed, the drinks flowed freely, names & faces became a blur, and even I had to admit that perhaps this was exactly the kind of distraction I had been needing.

As night turned to dawn & the clubs started closing, me, her, and two of her friends ended up at their place - at the top of Twin Peaks, with a beautiful view over the city.

More drinks were found, some drugs of the non-speed variety were shared.

Finally, at 7 am, Ms. S asked whether I'd be inclined to join her in a cab back to her apartment.

I was.