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Second Date 2004-08-19

Tonight I met with the mysterious Ms. S again.

She'd been out of town for a wedding in Toronto, and I'd been swamped at the office, so this was the first time we had a chance to hook up after her booze-filled birthday celebration (previously described here).

The plan for the evening was decidedly neutral - we had agreed to go see Garden State, but anything after that was up in the air.

We had settled on meeting at 6:30 - but, oddly enough, we were both 20 mins early, which gave us time to have a drink at a nearby faux-Irish pub.

Pleasant conversation soon ensued, time flew & all that, & we almost missed the movie entirely. Which, in retrospect, would have been a shame seeing that it was terrific.

Once the cinematic experience was over, it was time for a light dinner at a neighborhood Italian restaurant, and then onwards to the Amber bar for later-night drinks.

3 hours later we boarded a cab to my place, had slightly-drunken but still very-enjoyable 2nd date sex, and fell asleep watching Love Actually.

She caught another cab to work at 8 in the morning, and left me in my bed, a bit confused, slightly hung-over and in general feeling like I'd just cheated on somebody.

Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Hmmm ...