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Ms. S 2004-08-20

On this page, the plan was to write a rather lengthy missive discussing the fact that the author, even though he thinks highly of Ms. S and will certainly see her again, really doesn't think that they are all that compatible.

That, even though she's gorgeous, tall, intelligent, creative, and has that tiny bit of shyness he finds so irresistible, he foresees no future with her, no happy ending, no roses, bunnies or the like.

But the plan has changed - he has realized that Ms. S is not her, and never will be. And he thinks that Mr. S is fully aware of this as well.

There would be no reason not to, as he has been quite honest about his feelings towards his ex-girlfriend and the fact that he still wishes things were different.

I suppose what he is saying is that for now he'll enjoy the fact that he doesn't need to be all alone; that, oddly enough, the world didn't end when his heart was broken.

That, even though moving on is not something he necessarily wants to do, it is something that is happening, with or without his consent.