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Waiting ... 2004-08-02

Look up the definition of good day / bad day in the dictionary, and you'll find todays date.

As has been the case lately, it started out bad - you should know the drill by now, your humble author wakes up each morning, turns on his computer, and has high hopes that she has written him.

And, each morning, his mood turns sour when all he's confronted with is endless amounts of penis-enlargement spam and various work-related crises that need immediate attention.

So, after cursing to myself rather loudly whilst having an early-morning cigarette on the fog-drenched porch, I decided to venture out into the clammy weather and head towards the office.

Or, rather, I called a cab so I didn't have to wade through puddles, drizzle and all the other things associated with the San Franciscan summer.

At the office, I found myself increasingly restless and unable to focus on the work at hand. It only got worse as the day progressed; I forced myself to sit still, but would feel my thoughts drifting to her, to the letter I sent.

At 6 PM I gave up, went home again & settled in for a long night of catching up with the things I should have done during the day.

And, what do you know, with my headphones on, Interpol coming loud & clear through iTunes, being productive wasn't a complete impossibility.

It's late now - I'm done and feeling better. I managed to make it through another day which, considering how sucky my life has been lately, is something for which I'm grateful.

And, yes, she got the letter today. I hope you're still crossing your fingers.