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3rd 2004-09-11

Being bored, yet not feeling in the mood to go out, last night I found myself spending some time on Friendster looking at profiles of people in my area (well, the state of California, to be exact).

It was kind of fascinating - in that 'spying on your neighbor' sort of way - to discover that:

- 90% of the bay area population seems to be Asian
- the women who claim to be models usually speak/write like one would assume models do
- there's an abundance of females who list Sex & The City as their favorite TV show
- of those who don't, most 'fess up to not owning a TV
- people from Oakland seem to favor group-photos
- females with sexy photos have lots of "friends"

I also realized that most of the interesting & well-written profiles intimidate the hell out of me - which, I'm beginning to suspect, is one of the main reasons they're written like that. To scare off the weak & the meek.

Anyway, in my quest for even more fun & excitement, I then decided to narrow my search to people interested in the geekiest of geeky TV shows - Firefly, X-Files and SG-1 do come to mind here.

Fully aware that people who list shows like that in in a profile meant to endear a member of the opposite sex would very likely have a tendency to be, well, geeky (in, perhaps, the unwashed, rather large, fairly unattractive sense of the word), I still thought it could be fun to see which kind of people share my TV-on-DVD viewing habits.

And there she was ... a cute, shy, vision of a girl who not only seemed well-read & intelligent, but also had a list of favorite television programs as long as my arm. In fact, she was quite specific that she was looking to meet people who enjoyed TV as much as she did - hotness, nice eyes and soft lips optional.

Perhaps I should, for once, seize the initiative and write her?