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The End of 2004 2005-01-01

Speaking of summaries, here's one that applies to the entire of 2004 - which, all in all, was the year of misfortune, misery and downright melancholy.

Broke up with long-time girlfriend (her) which, as often-documented here, made me moany, whiny and prone to pathetic, long-winded musings entirely unbecoming of my otherwise rational personality.

Saw my stepdad, who is pretty much the best substitute dad one could wish for, suffer through a heart attack, spend 2 weeks in a hospital & make my mom sick with worry.

Saw my closest friend & business partner move to NYC with his fiancee and realized that office life will never be the same again. And no more pool, either.

On & off dating of another girl who was cute, gorgeous & funny - referred to as the Cuban here previously - and had her pass away from a brain seizure the week before my 30th birthday. She was 25 & her name was Kelly.

Have dated more girls than ever before - which, granted, doesn't say much seeing that throughout my 'romantic career' I've been in three long-term relationships that have sucked up more than 9 years of my life combined.

Yet, even though I've met a tonne of interesting people (and more than a fair share of boring & average ones too), I really don't think I've ever felt more alone than I did during the latter half of last year. (And, yes, it certainly didn't help that the one girl I truly liked & enjoyed hanging out with is now in a state of permanent gone-ness.)

But I guess that's how the whole 'rebounding'-thing works - you get so worried that you'll never again meet anyone like her, that you're DOOMED to a life of loneliness & regret, that nobody will ever love you again, blah blah blah, that you'll automatically jump at any chance you get to have your ego stroked.

Which, come on, is what dating is like 95% of the time anyway ... you meet someone you fancy, and if the feeling is mutual, it makes you feel better about yourself. Right?